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How to pay LESS for Income Tax Service and still get ALL the BENEFITS

How To Save In Income Tax Fees Video

      Can you imagine paying the same price for income tax service you paid for 5 years ago? Hmmm…the SAME price 5 years in a row?? What tax firm does that? H&R BLOCK? Jackson Hewitt? How about the person who prepares your taxes? I don’t think so. I am about to show you how to pay LESS for income tax service and STILL get ALL the tax BENEFITS and SAVINGS you deserve!

            See, I have been in this business for some time and one major complaint is “Why is the fee increasing again this year? My tax situation did not change!” What if I told you that I have found a way to reverse that complaint? Ever heard the phrase “Turn the frown upside down.” Well how about saying, “My tax situation changed A LOT this year, but I paid the SAME PRICE as last year!” Pay attention – this is the first part of the solution…

The Price Lock Advantage Program

             My Price Lock Advantage Program is simple. When I prepare your income tax return, the fee you pay will be the SAME fee you will pay for the next 5 years…even if your tax situation changes that causes more work to be done to complete your income tax return. Same price. 5 years in a row, same fee each year. Period. Even if your tax situation does not change you still WIN with no increase in your tax preparation fee. To better understand my program, here is an example of George and Lauren Smith who came to me in 2008 as new clients. This will be compared to other tax firms that increase fees either 10% or $15 every year…

Tax year 2008: George and Lauren Smith
Married with 2 children

Forms Filed
Form 1040
Sched. A
PA state tax form
Local tax form







SAVINGS with LFM Financial Services!!

LFM Financial Services







Other tax firms with 10% increases a year






$206.64 saved!

Other tax firms with $15 increases a year






$150 saved!

            This is just one example. I can prove my point with more examples, but I think you get the picture. As you can see, you can save money with my Price Lock Advantage Program. “So where are all the BENEFITS??”  Well how does $559 worth of FREE tax services sound to you? Take some time to read my Income Tax Offer and you will see MUCH more opportunities for SAVINGS and PEACE OF MIND – FREE!

Why I Keep Fees Under Control

             Some of my inner circle business associates asked me, “How do you grow your business if you don’t increase fees?” or “Everything else is increasing, so why not your fees?” Well I see it a bit differently. If I can keep fees under control for you AND provide key BENEFITS that will HELP you save money – You WILL talk about me – You WILL send people my way. You will send family, friends and co-workers. Here is the last part of the solution – Give discounts for referrals! Anyone who sends me a qualified referral, I will give $25 back! There is no limit. 2 referrals, $50 – 4 referrals, $100 – 6 referrals, $150. I had a client one year who sent me 6 referrals. I had to GIVE him money to prepare his taxes!! That’s my Referral Program working at its best...

 “Well other tax firms and tax chains offer discounts for referrals too…”

 Sure you may see other firms offer discounts for referrals too, but it will not do any good if your tax firm increase their fees by $40 that year and give you a $20 discount!! Who are they fooling here?? There is a saying – “Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me!” DO NOT be fooled!!

 A 1-2 punch that creates Winners – YOU!

            The Price Lock Advantage and Referral Programs create a win-win situation for me and you. It will keep your income tax fees under control while providing growth for my firm. I have been in this business for some time ( you will hear me say this a lot! ) and I have NOT seen any other tax firm that can match the programs I offer to help keep fees down. That client who gave me 6 referrals - his tax return fee was $137. He sent 6 people to me – a $150 discount where is tax return was FREE and I had to PAY him $13. BUT I got 6 new clients!! You do that math…did I WIN? Did my client WIN? YES!

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