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             Ok, so we have seen different types of businesses claiming to be the “BEST” right? I get a kick out of companies that advertise, “…the Best in America…” or “…the Best in the Town…” yet there is no proof of WHY they are the best in their industry. What is that company doing so good that justifies the claim that they are the best? Anybody can say they are the best. I KNOW I have the BEST Income Tax Offer in my town! Let me show you why…

SAVE 19% to 67% Alone Just on Fees

             First off, I am going to show you some of my clients who came from H&R BLOCK. I will show you what they paid and compare it to what I charged them. REAL people, REAL situations. You too can benefit! Check out the video above where I show PROOF of what they paid before coming to me. You WILL be surprised! Ready? Let’s go…

Client# 1
Married Couple with 3 dependents
Filing Status: Married Filing Joint
Federal Form 1040
Itemize Deductions Schedule A
Self-Employment Schedule C
PA State Tax Return
North Carolina State Tax Return
Local Tax Return

2007 H&R Block Fee: $315 + $49.95 Bank Fees = $364.95
My 2008 Tax Fee: $292

19.98% SAVINGS of $72.95!!

Client# 2
Self-Employed Freelance Musician
Filing Status: Single
Federal Form 1040
Self-Employment Schedule C
NJ State Tax Return

2007 H&R BLOCK Fee: $423
My 2008 Tax Fee: $175

58.62% SAVINGS of $248!!

Client# 3
Single Mother with 1 child
Filing Status: Head of Household
Federal Form 1040
Earned Income Credit
Education Expenses
Child Care Expenses
PA State Tax Return
Local Tax Return

2007 H&R Block Fee: $319.95
My 2008 Tax Fee: $106.25
( it was actually $125, but she received a %15 discount for family referrals.. )

66.78% SAVINGS of $213.70!!

             Are these savings worth talking about? I would think so. What if I can show you other ways to save even MORE on income tax fees? Would you still go to H&R BLOCK or any other tax chain or tax firm to prepare your taxes? I have developed a program that can LOCK-IN these SAVINGS for 5 years! That’s right – my 3 clients above saved 19% to 67% AND their income tax fee was and will be the SAME PRICE for the next 5 years. If you want to find out more…click the following link and let me show you How To PAY LESS for Income Tax Service and STILL get all the BENEFITS. I can GUARANTEE that NOBODY else in my industry is doing this…But wait, there is more…

What are you going to do…
When the TAX MAN comes after you?

             Ok so, April 15th has come and gone. Your tax refund may have been spent on that vacation you wanted to take or paying off some bills or buying that 52 inch flat screen you had your eye on for some time. You’ve just got home from a long day at work, going through your mail and wham…your stomach drops at the moment you notice a letter from the IRS. What do you do? Who do you turn to?

             It is now July and you need help. Can you go to the person who prepared your taxes? Perhaps not if it's H&R BLOCK. They are CLOSED! Hmm…ok in all fairness I think there is an 800 number you can call for help. But would it be better if you can get the SAME person who prepared your taxes to help you? They would know your tax situation better than someone new, right?

I am here All Year Long…

        I am available all year long for all your tax needs. If you have a tax question, you can contact me by phone or email. And of course, if you get one of those dreaded IRS letters, I am here also. In fact, I will HELP you take care of your IRS letter for you – FREE!! This is just one of the many BENEFITS I offer my clients.

And now…the BEST Income Tax Offer you EVER seen!

      If you have read this far, you may be on the fence waiting for one more push to give me a call. Well, here it is - - > The BEST Income Tax Offer  < - - that will save you MONEY, TIME and give you PEACE of MIND. I am convinced that this IS the BEST OFFER in the tax industry. IF you can find a better offer, I will prepare your income tax return for FREE! But don’t wait because this Tax Offer WILL EXPIRE and will be offered ONLY to the first 100 people who respond!

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